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The Team

Dr. Shelagh McCartney

Shelagh McCartney is a licensed architect and urbanist whose expertise in design and development focuses on urbanization and housing, with a strong community development focus. She believes that urban design, planning and architecture are byproducts of complex territorial networks and cultural history. Her interdisciplinary approach, undertaken in partnership with communities, is often situated within contested territories of marginalized peoples in Canada’s Near-North and the global South that are experiencing rapid growth. Learn more about Shelagh...

Current Staff
Current Research Assistants
Ana Slade 
Juan Ruarte 
Catriona Moggach 
Shameeza Gafoor
Holly Monkman
Jacob Lyons
Vivian Yap
Videsh Brijpaul
William Jamieson

Lara Hintelmann
Kalvis Mikelsteins 
Neil Loewen
Bailey Bradshaw
Olivia Warner
Ximena Rosenvasser
Amanah Rahal
Isabella Brioso

Stephanie Chan
Jacob Lyons
Isaac Edmonds

Melinda Holland
Kathryn Trnavsky 
Nicholas Godfrey
Nic Gwynne
Thomas Gomez Ospina
Holli Butrimas
Nolan Atterbury
Grace Gong
Ching Wun (Sophia) Ngai

Aditi Patel
Joelle McNeil
Florencia Sciutto
Amy Campbell
Tatiana Terry
Frances Grout-Brown
Leah Cooke

Michelle Cheung
Trinity Ho
Erin Wotherspoon
Kristen Tsoukas

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