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About Us

Together Design Lab at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) takes a collaborative approach to investigating and creating innovative solutions to housing issues with marginalized communities in Canada. Led by Dr. Shelagh McCartney, together design lab relies on an immersive model of partnership bringing an interdisciplinary team of students and collaborators together with communities to understand the meaning of housing in shaping lived experience. Recognizing the cultural, gendered and classed implications of dominant housing systems, this model of partnership looks to reimagine home environments through the values, goals and aspirations of our partners. Housing issues and solutions are not limited to discussions of basic shelter provision but are understood as central unit of analysis of personal and community well-being.

Our model





Buildings, the spaces around them and the landscapes they are situated in shape who we are, who we meet and how we interact with each other. Those spaces we choose to immerse ourselves in and that we enjoy shape us. What if you did not get to choose where you lived, or what your home looked like. How would that shape you and your community? Would you be well? Buildings and spaces can cause and also heal all kinds of wounds, and change lives.

Project Partners

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