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growing together

Growing Together brings an immersive approach to the creation of housing policies. Creating an accessible process for engaging community members in decisions of housing management and development places the housing system within the broader context of self-determination. Discussions of priorities and preferences create a governance system representative of cultural needs and create a sense of ownership in the resultant policy not possible without engagement in its creation. From children to Elders all community members have a unique relationship with housing and different activities are designed to capture the needs of each segment of the population, regardless of expertise or experience in governance discussion in forming policies.

WE Day Toronto 2018

The partnership between Nibinamik First Nation, Dr. Shelagh McCartney and Together Design Lab was featured at WE Day Toronto 2018 and highlighted the importance of the listen, learn and share model.

Project Partners

Nibinamik First Nation
Eabametoong Fist Nation
North Caribou Lake First Nation
Ginoogaming First Nation
Bearskin Lake First Nation

Supported by

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