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Eabametoong First Nation

Housing Workshops in Eabametoong

October 24-27, 2017  |  Eabametoong First Nation

The together design lab team was joined by +city lab in Eabametoong First Nation for a series of housing workshops from October 24-27, 2017. These workshops, part of Visioning Our Future Dwelling Together, look to engage community members of all ages in designing the communities next set of houses to be built in summer 2018.

Community members of all ages came out to the box city workshop to design and site their ideal home. A giant map, 18 ft by 32 ft, was drawn to scale. Participants constructed and planned housing as well as shared community spaces.

Community members also had the opportunity to participate in activities focused on the interior of homes, thinking about the differences between shared and private spaces and particular preferences and priorities associated with each. 

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