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Hemson Simpson Lecture Series 2018

Paradigm // Shift

2018 Hemson Simpson Lecture Series

Wednesday January 10, 2018  |  Toronto

The 2018 Hemson Simpson Lecture Series, hosted by Ryerson University's School of Urban and Regional Planning, explores calls to action and statements of Paradigm Shifts in planning.

The three part lecture series engages the theme of Paradigm Shifts across the topics of Indigenous, Immigrant and Social Planning. The lectures are taking place on Ryerson campus- January 18th, February 7th, and March 18th.

Dr. Janice Barry from the University of Manitoba will be presenting the first lecture on Indigenous Reconciliation and the "Miserable Failure of Canadian Planning," January 18th in the SBB 312 at 5:30 pm. 

Earlier this year, Australian academic Libby Porter launched a sustained and powerful critique of professional planning practice in her home country, arguing that the mainstream professional planning community’s engagement with Indigenous peoples is nothing short of a “miserable failure”. Australian planning, she argued, continues to operate under a “settler-colonial business-as-usual model” with little to no attention to Indigenous peoples, Indigenous rights and Indigenous knowledges. Moreover, its standards of professional competence continue to produce planners that “blatantly practice the imperatives and logics of colonization”. Drawing on over 10-years of academic research and community- engaged practice, this lecture questions whether Canadian planning is any better.

The together design lab is looking forward to the challenges each of the lectures will present to planning practice within the lab and beyond.

Tickets for the lectures are free and can be found here.

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